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Featuring Highlight Screening of "Oren's Way"
Keika Lee, Director, Juror's Choice Award Winner

Orens Way.jpg

Keika Lee is a female Asian American filmmaker who loves the magic of animation. After she immigrated to the United States from South Korea, she saw her first animated film and knew she wanted to create animated films from that day on. Keika went to art college to learn traditional animation and then realized she really enjoyed producing and directing. She continued her production career at such companies as Electronic Arts, DreamWorks Animation and Zynga. After 15 years working in film and game production, she decided to start her own animation studio in the Bay Area called greyscale animation where she would produce and direct her first award winning animated short film "Odd Dog" (2019) and now "Oren's Way" (2023). At greyscale, Keika plans to continue creating characters from the heart.

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Oren's Way_Dir_Keika Lee.jpg
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