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Fourteen years old, Myla J is a community activist, motivational speaker, and talented artist and creative. One of her major accomplishments was having the opportunity to speak at the Democratic State Convention in June 2019 at the Moscone Center for the African American Caucus.

She's a history lover. Her impersonation of her favorite historically influential person is Harriet Tubman, and it is a must-see. She is the model for the statue Genius Girl that will hopefully be installed in Vallejo, CA, one day in the near future.

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Pigasus: The Lost Paradise, Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Director, PRO ANIM/STOP MOTION. A coming-of-age adventure story about a unique little pig prophesied to confront the evil Rathvar in the great battle for evermore. But Pigasus must first find the faith to believe in the loving light of the Presence, or the blackness of the darkness will forever rule over what was once Elysium. Runtime: 3:44

Fairies, Ollie O’Brien, Director -NARR, 13-17.

While exploring a creek, a young boy encounters a fairy. He returns to the creek every day in hopes of seeing her again. Runtime: 8:14

A Letter To My Dad, Brock Brenner, Director -NARR, 12 Under. Merging personal memoir and video journalism, ”A Letter to My Dad” nostalgically explores the importance of the relationship between a Father and a child through the life story of the child growing up. As the child reminisces about the learnings from his Father and the relationship between the two that solidifies through the years. Runtime: 4:22

The New Student, Camila Mendes, Kenzie Leete, Directors, NARR, 12 Under.

The first day of school can be extremely scary, but so can the students. Runtime: 6:54

To Make Something Wonderful, Todd Davis, Director –PRO ANIM/STOP MOTION. A visually poetic manual that inspires everyone to create via the steps “gather, make, and wait”! Runtime: 2:13

Electric Avenue, Andrew Luria, Director – NARR, Student Produced 12 Under. The MagTV team put together a story on the importance of electric vehicles and the positive effects we could see if more people were willing to switch to EVs. Runtime: 3:00

Garage, Daria Batylina, Director, NARR, 13-17

Dana is a perfectionist who cannot forgive herself for failures and weaknesses. She is preparing for a music competition, not sparing her vocal cords. Her teacher notices that the girl has a unique voice but doesn’t believe it. Perhaps the world of sounds and music is not as obvious as it seems; it keeps a lot of secrets. Runtime: 8:05

The Olden Golden, Benjamin W Jones, Director – PRO NARR, Student Production, 13-17. In a search for all it’s cracked up to be, two rival boy ninjas compete to be the first to find the lost Olden Golden, the legendary golden egg. Runtime: 5:49

Babies and the Bear – Summer, Maja Garmulewicz, Director, PRO ANIM/STOP MOTION. An animated series for children (2+). Two toddlers (brother and sister) and their friend, the Teddy Bear, take viewers into an imaginary world of colors and shapes. We watch them taking their first steps, sometimes literally, in building their own world and their relationships with other people and material objects. Due to a lack of dialogue, situational humor comes to the fore. In this episode, children are tired of heat, so the bear takes them to the sea. Where they learn to respect nature and experience empathy. Runtime: 3:28

The Sister Sister Jinx, Sophia McDonald, Director – NARR, 12 Under. Two sisters battle each other in a game of demonic wits. Runtime: 2:30

Those Were the Good Days, Rachel Scribner, Director – PRO NARR. Riley and her Dad spend an afternoon at the park. Dad has to take a few calls, but he’s not worried - what could possibly go wrong? Runtime 6:32

The Commander and the Silly Woman, Naveen Janik Parmar, Linda Brieda, Directors – NARR 12 Under.

Adults always have the right answers, they always know best, and they always have rules for everything. This short film is turning things around as the young commander flies through brain space, helping the silly woman to enjoy her life to the fullest. Runtime: 8:05

What It Takes To Be A Clown, Aodhan Lane, Director, DOC 13-17, Runtime: 7:55

Adult, Elina Myshanych, Director – NARR – 12 Under.

Wartime winter Kyiv. Maryna, a girl detective, is searching for missing people with her partner, an IT expert. This time, a little girl has disappeared, and searching for her, Maryna has to go through a mysterious quest. This is a mystical detective story about a childhood lost in the war. Runtime: 8:20

Our Island, Our Future, Taryn Mckinney-Lambert, Keion Sands, Directors, PRO DOC

A ten-year-old girl from The Bahamas makes an impassioned plea to political leaders. Runtime: 3:36

My Superpower, Maxwell William Andrews, Director – NARR, 12 Under. In his search for his superpower, nine-year-old Maxwell discovers that his words have the power to help and harm. Runtime: 4:48

Love, Daddy, Kevin Bauer, Director – PRO ANIM/STOP MOTION. Love, Daddy reflects the excitement, stress, and fear that comes with being a parent.

Runtime: 2:45

Lily Pear's Hat, Special Screening, Jacalyn Evone, Dir., featuring Victoria Lee Williams as Lily Pearl. Sometimes, the smallest thing can set off one's imagination, forcing you to reject the horror of your own reality leading you into a place where reflections are mere illusions. This poignant, musically driven short film is about Lily Pearl's journey, a homeless woman faced with many hardships in her world of mumbled communication.

Runtime: 10:00

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The Pearl (let-make-peace) Abdollah Alimorad, Director – PRO ANIM/STOP MOTION. Afandi and Pashandi are two neighbors that just can’t stand each other. When they’re not trying to sabotage each other’s plans, they’re usually plotting to get revenge. But when push comes to shove, they cast aside their differences and join forces to vanquish the dragon, fend off the wolves, and save the princess—you know, the usual. Runtime: 6:00


Around Me, Vera Dunlop-Vaillancourt, Director – NARR 13-17. In “Around Me,” a young woman and her mother struggle to find common ground and come together following an event within the family. Runtime: 10:21


The Sun, Liza Mitrokhina, Director – NARR 13-17

A young boy finds himself bored during his summer holidays and decides to find out why his family has always forbidden him to look at the sun. Runtime: 4:31


Qi, Dora Han, Director – NARR 12 Under

“Qi” is a fictional short film that tells a story about bullying on a school campus. Runtime: 8:52


What is wrong with us? Marusya Shuvalova, Director – FEATURE NARR – 12 Under. What thoughts will the world see if they get into the heads of Ukrainians? The idea of the film arose when my mother, after another message from the military in one of the telegram groups, read that Iranian Shahed drones were flying to the Kyiv region from Russia. Runtime: 15:59


Courier On The Drive, Anastasia Kapitonova, Director – NARR 13-17. Maxim has always dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder. But in this endeavor, he is supported only by his younger sister, with whom the older brother does not want to communicate. Skateboarding competitions are approaching. Winning means that the hero can fulfill his dream, but there is one problem – to participate in the tournament, a professional skateboard is needed, which Maxim does not have. Runtime: 9:55


Overtime, Silje Reistad, Director, PRO NARR

Millie and her dad see her hero, Cristiano Ronaldo, play his most important match in the European Football Championship. But the match goes to overtime, and Millie has to go to bed. Can she hatch a plan to see if Ronaldo goes to the final without Dad noticing? Runtime: 8:00


Clouded, Aidan Crosbie, Director – ANIM/STOP MOTION

12 Under. A Cloud Girl drops her favorite telescope from her skyboat down into the hands of a curious farm boy. Hilarity ensues. Runtime: 5:12


Kreta the Time Traveler, Ilgın Saçan, Gülşah Özdemir Koryürek, Directors, PRO ANIM

Two extra-terrestrials, Kreta and Shiva, happen on the Voyager spacecraft. The encounter leaves them curious about Planet Earth, home to the strange ‘human’ species. They decide to go there. Runtime: 3:23

Encounter, Sophie Wu, Director – NARR 12 Under

“Encounter” is a Sci-fi comedy movie that tells the story of a young boy’s unrealistic belief in aliens. His friends try to make him give up his belief through pranks. Will they succeed? Runtime: 6:29






The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, A KidsNFilm Multimedia production. Featuring Vallejo Charter School students. Special Screening.

Please In Spanish,  Patricia Seely, Director – PRO NARR

Feeling disconnected from Dominican heritage, a young woman warms to her cultural identity after meeting a lively neighbor. Runtime: 9:22


CrabDance, Zilong Wang, Director, PRO NARR

A girl has grown up so fast that she didn’t even realize it. In the meantime, the place she has been living in has a big change. Runtime: 3:14


Narės, Victoria Kondrakova, Director – NARR 13-17

Hunter Sasha decides to break the rules that prevail in the ancient forest. After he got lost, he stumbled into a meadow with totems and broke one of them. Now, the wrath of the guardians of the forest – the mermaids of the Nare tribe will descend on him. Runtime: 8:24

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Featuring Highlight Screening of

"Oren's Way"

Keika Lee, Director,
To save her kingdom from eternal sadness, a clever princess must capture a magical Golden Fox. But on her journey, she conquers obstacles, 
the last revealing a hidden truth about herself.
Runtime: 16:39

Orens Way.jpg
Oren's Way_Dir_Keika Lee.jpg

Keika Lee is a female Asian American filmmaker who loves the magic of animation. After she immigrated to the United States from South Korea, she saw her first animated film and knew she wanted to create animated films from that day on.

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