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Our Student Juror Participants

13-17 Age Category

Diego Argueta


As a young child, Diego was interested in film. In the second grade, he was invited to act for the Marin Shakespeare Company in the summer in "Comedy of Errors", then proceeded to act for them for two more years in "As You Like It"  and "Othello". He has also,  participated in a screenwriting workshop in the Odyssey Program offered by Dominican University where he learned all the key points to movie structure such as plot synopsis, rising action, climax, and resolution. Diego's experience and studies have prepared him to commit to investing his full attention in making sure that the results for the film festival are fair

and honest.

Lydia Mason


Lydia Mason, is a 15 year old student at Solano Middle School in Vallejo, Calif. She’s an avid
reader of Harry Potter books, dark mysteries and Thriller genres. Lydia is a fan of Disney movies
and characters; her favorite Disney character is Stitch. Although she’s not a skate boarder, Lydia
enjoys learning about the lifestyle and latest attire. Being an avid reader and movie watcher,
Lydia enjoys writing her own stories and drawing in her spare time, which sparked her interest in
film production. This is her first year attending Kids in Film Camp and participating with Kids in

Alexia Patterson


Alexia is interested in all aspects of film, especially videography. Every day she spends time working on edits featuring some of her favorite celebrities and music. She also has experience in acting, as she was in a community play of “Alice in Wonderland” and also stared in the “Nutcracker” while in elementary school. Recently she achieved an Academic Excellence Award for her outstanding performance and dedication in her Digital Media & Technology class at California Preparatory Academy in Richmond, CA. She is prepared to fairly evaluate each film and looks forward to this opportunity!

Our Under Twelve Student Jurors 

Breccan Beck Davis

Kemari Caro


I am eleven years old, currently in the sixth grade. One thing that I like to do is to decorate rooms and making them have a newer look, not to long ago I redecorated my mothers room. Something else I like to do is draw and I like to sketch. The reason I decided I wanted to become a member of the film class is because one day I want to become a Youtuber. I believe that if I am in this class I would feel more comfortable and more confident in front of the camera when I become a Youtuber. Secondly I think that after the class is over I will know what materials I need to create a Youtube video. For that reason I am currently in this class, and why I am doing my best.


Since entering his second grade school year, Breccan has become a highly esteemed Lego, Kung Fu, and animated film aficionado.


Breccan takes being a juror very seriously and has committed to staying up past 8:30pm (on the weekend) to watch the films presented in this festival. 

Alissa Segbefia


Jasmine Segbefia


Jasmine is a witty, creative 3rdgrader who has a big heart and an enormous sense of adventure. Jasmine enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing video games. She also enjoys creating fun memories with her family. Jasmine is excited about being a student juror.

She looks forward to this unique opportunity and will judge each film honestly and fairly.

Alissah is fun, inspiring and has a creative way of looking at the world. She enjoys watching movies, drawing, and listening to music, especially tunes that make you want to dance. Alissah is thrilled about being a student juror and looks forward to this amazing opportunity.

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