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Official Selections & Screening Schedule - Saturday, December 8, 2018

Doors Open 11:00 AM

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Cynthia Acosta

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Writer - Osahon Tongo

IMAN and The Light Warriors


Osahon means God hears my prayers in the Nigerian Edo language. The former linebacker from Georgia Tech (’06-’10) where he earned BS in Management. He holds an MFA from USC School of Cinematic Arts with honors as well. Osahon Tongo is a Nigerian-American writer and director from Naperville, Illinois. He provides healing through art by developing empathy through nuanced storytelling and poetic cinema. 


Tongo is a former ACC Champion football player at Georgia Tech, where he earned B.S. in Management. He is an activist for student-athlete rights and mental health awareness. He went on to work in digital marketing at CNN and Emory University before attending USC School of Cinematic Arts for his MFA. While at USC Tongo was an Annenberg Scholar and Phi Kappa Phi honor society award recipient along with being executive board of USC comedians and many other accolades. Tongo has won numerous awards for the films he wrote and directed including ‘Happy Bird’ and ‘Full Ride - The Truth Behind College Football’. He has also sound designed an Academy Award-nominated short film, ‘Drone.’ He served as the writer and producer for the award-winning short film ‘Iman and The Light Warriors’ He has co-written a feature film adaptation of James Franco’s book, ‘Actors Anonymous’ starring Eric Roberts, James Franco, and Horatio Sanz. 

Tongo is one of the inaugural Ryan Murphy Half Foundation Directing Mentees and has signed a writing deal to Nina Yang Bongiovi and Forest Whitaker’s Significant Productions for his second feature. He serves as a storytelling consultant for Georgia Tech Athletic Association. 


Director - Jarrett Woo

IMAN and The Light Warriors


Jarrett Woo, 33, a multicultural and multidisciplinary artist, writer & director from New York City. His passion for film blossomed from watching Hype Williams music videos and Scorsese films at a young age. Through his own 

films, he fights to express cultural unity and emotional intelligence for the next generations of the world.

Woo attended the HS of Art & Design, interned at The Metropolitan Museum, and was mentored by the legendary Milton Glaser (designer of I Love NY logo). Woo’s diligent work earned him a full scholarship to Parsons School of Design, where he earned his BFA in Communication Design. After graduation, he became an art teacher In the NYC Public Schools, and later an art director at the leading global agency Naked Communications, managing the visual design for multi-million dollar accounts. Woo started three successful companies of his own within film, design, and music, gaining much underground and mainstream success through his work. Collaborating with internationally renowned music artists and brands, he created commercials, music videos and visual campaigns that led him to tour around the world, including Africa, Europe, Japan, and Australia.


In May 2017, Woo earned his MFA at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts where he created the award-winning short film “Iman & The Light Warriors”. He has since signed a writing & directing deal to Nina Yang Bongiovi and Forest Whitaker’s Significant Productions for his first feature.


Featuring Highlight Screening of

"Iman & The Light Warriors"

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Destined 2B Yours by Jordan-Paige Sudduth, Runtime 8:09

Two very stressed out fifth-graders want to give someone a special Valentine but

are fearful their feelings won't be returned.


Unfamiliar Grounds by Shelly Russell, Runtime 9:56

A silent girl's discovery of a mysterious boot incites friction.


Determination by Anna Tkebuchava, Runtime 1:22

One character is about to make a life-changing decision even when it is against the established situation, even when all others fight against him.


Let’s Catch a Movie by Emma Penaz Eisner, Runtime 1:20

When everyone in town scrambles to catch a movie, she desperately reels away.

This animated comedy introduces a host of zany characters.


Kainaattu (Uneducated) by Vignesh Vijithran, Runtime 5:57

The struggle of a rural father who is uneducated and wants his child to join

school at the age of 5.


The Importance of Beeing by Ksenia Firsova, Runtime 2:19

A short mixed-media documentary which aims to spotlight the importance of bees for the younger generation.


The Dog’s Story by Arkhip Varfolomeev, Runtime 8:14

All the dogs in this city believe that a magic bone will help them! The nomadic cats led by Khan Catirius attack the prosperous dog city. Only the main character is convinced that the greed and rudeness will be defeated.


Polka Dott by Cynthia Pepper, Runtime 6:36

Dott has a wild and wonderful imagination. She likes to be silly and she enjoys a good homonym. She can "knot" say "know" to ice cream.


Donut Thieves From Vargon by Angus Grant, Runtime 10:00

Robots are invading the Earth to steal the irresistible donuts. What will the

Earthlings do...?


Drew’s Dancing Drum by Brandon Chappell, Runtime 5:00

Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the boy that bullied him.


Autumn Leaves by Saman Hosseinpuor, Runtime 3:59

Something happens when a little girl is on her way to school.

March for our Lives by Robert Rothgery, Runtime 6:36

Documentary of anti-gun march in Vallejo, California.

Bullying Hurts, A Kids N Film Workshop Highlight, Runtime 3:03

A brief summary of the effects of bullying.

Oogle by Victoria Kelemen, Chuck Marra, Megan Foley Marra, Runtime 4:29


Ugly by Melanie Tulagan, Runtime 2:44

A new take on the Ugly Duckling story. In Ugly a hairless guinea pig goes on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Desperate Anything Helps by Haley Pine, Runtime 3:52

A woman desperate for the attention of a young man becomes determined to find ways for him to notice her.


The Grounded Astronaut by Monimar Mancillas, Runtime 8:18

A young girl struggles to keep her head afloat while drowning in the overload work from school.


Robbie’s Fears by Enrique Delzer, Runtime 2:19

A 12-year-old boy learns to overcome his fears with the help of his mother. 


Screamer by Brian Doom, Runtime 1:31

A horror movie as written and performed by a 2-year-old.

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM - Break

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM


IMPROV With Cindy! 


Cynthia Acosta has a passion for working with kids and adults willing to be a kid at heart. Over the years she has worked with the youth teaching after-school enrichment programs, performed in theatre, improv, taught hip hop dance classes and choreographed for production pieces.  

As an actress, Cynthia has had the privilege of training with some top industry coaches and loves to share the knowledge that she has gained with others. Cynthia has experience in TV/Film and Stage. She is a member of Sagaftra and has professional representation in both SF and LA.


Cynthia Cummings will energize you for the next round of films. Join in and get your blood pumping with some high energy fun. 


2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Lego Star Wars Gangster’s Revenge by Ryan Cooper, Runtime 2:28 Darth Vader lets his love for cake get him captured by one of his enemies.


Smartphone Zombies by Laura Storz, Julian Schweizer, Runtime 6:19

It's a key moment where the earth is being destroyed by a mind-numbing technology. Baker and Jones are time traveling monsters returning in that dark period to save humanity.


Just a Song by Holden Scott, Runtime 7:08

Three orphaned East Coast kids, Emma, Gabe, and Hannah, adjust to life in

their new home on the West Coast.


My Black Is... by Miguel Valdez & Eunice Beato, Runtime 6:14

Young women of color set out to redefine what black is to them.


The Last Embrace by Saman Hosseinpuor, Runtime 4:00

A little girl wants to show her drawing to her family but everyone is busy on his

or her cell phones. She goes to her grandpa who has just passed away a few minutes before without anyone noticing.


Time of Pomegranate’s Smile by Rahbar Qanbari, Runtime 7:27

The joy of seeing the pomegranate garden in fall, picking, the hidden fear of sin temptation, the sweet smiling lips of pomegranate. It ends patience of

time. Youth is thus passing...


Torn by Sarah Iseley, Runtime 9:58 

Max, an observant elementary schooler, struggles to make the perfect Mother's Day gift with a single sheet of paper. for he is paralyzed by all of his creative choices.


Contigo by Julia Margarita Quiceno, Runtime 4:17

Contigo (With You) is a story about a girl that reconnects with her love for

writing years after her father passes away.


Balance by Barzan Rostami, Runtime 3:00

A story about the soldiers who are sacrificing their lives and resist in order to protect the people of the city and future generations can live in peace.


Gluckenmoc A Kids N Film Green Screen 3-Hour Workshop Project, 2:50

Friends are invited over to play a game of conjuring up the mysterious folktale

of the Gluckenmoc.


Put The Phone Down Kids N Film Green Screen 3-Hour Workshop Project, 3:00

A short documentary on cell phone overuse. 


Our Place by Justin Castillo, Runtime 5:07

Three girls enjoy their first day of summer at their happy place. With an unexpected event, the full story unravels as one of the girls reads her most recent text message.


Scraper Bikes Mobbin‘ by Andre Forks, Runtime 2:56

A hit anthem/music video by Baybe Champ of the East Oakland-Scraper

Bike Team.


Infinity by Marley Boss, Runtime 4:22

A 14-year-old girl deals with the death of her twin sister. 


Paper Beasts by Daniel Klein, Runtime 5:20

A young boy escapes a miserable and violent existence into the wilds of his

own imagination.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Brett Jubinville, Troy McDonald, Runtime 2:33

Lulu the Owl and Juno the Star become fast friends in this Super Simple version of one of the world's most popular nursery rhymes.


For the Kids of Paarl by S. Kramer Herzog, Runtime 7:10

Kids of Paarl conveys a harshly authentic view of children caught in the middle of situations they did not create, ask for or control.


GSLV Mark3 by Harish Gokul, Dinesh Kumar, Runtime 5:55

A two-point of view narration told from a girl and also the ISRO team who wants to launch their GSLV Mark3 satellite into space.


4:15 - 4:25 - Highlight Film Screening

"IMAN & The Light Warriors"


4:25 PM - 5:00 PM


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