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JOYTOWN, Toben Seymour, Director - NARR (Pro)

When Joy's family is losing their house she takes it upon herself to help find a new home—and in the process discovers something that can never be taken away.

Runtime: 19:35

Rainbow, Hui Tan, Director - ANI/STOMO (Pro). This is a fabulous film that confronts the cultural backdrop of the Chinese taboo that forbids dialogue about poverty or financial want, in this tale of love, learning, enlightenment, creativity and growth, two children discover a way to give a Mother's Day gift beyond the value of money. Runtime: 8:24

Level One, Christopher Bennett, Director - ANI/STOMO (Pro)

Three friends get together to play a video game. Each player chooses a character that represents their inner-self. Once the game begins, it is almost like they are living through their video game counterparts. Will their real-life relationships change how they play? Who will win? Runtime: 3:53

I Don’t Want To Go to Mrs. Hum, Khang Nguyen, Minhtu Nguyen, Directors -NARR (13-17). Every Sunday, the Nguyen household erupts into chaos as two kids frantically prepare for their piano lessons. One day, they finally let their emotions loose, passionately singing and dancing in a dramatic and comical protest against their piano lessons. Runtime: 4:40

The Hungry Heron, Sam Kauffmann, Director - DOC (Pro)

Sam Kauffmann is a Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts (Film). His films have been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, The White House, aired on network television, PBS, and local stations throughout America, and at over 100 film festivals. His documentary film "Massacre at Murambi," was aired on the PBS series P.O.V. and has been viewed on YouTube over 1 million times. Runtime: 1:21

Georgina Awad – Dance - Submitted by Super Promo. STUCK AT HOME

Selected as the best Dance Act for the Francophone Schools Ceremony this year in British Columbia, the Canadian teenager Georgina Awad, Daughter of the Multi-Awards Winner and the Multi-Charted Artist Fadi Awad, has done a wonderful job in the beginning of her youth Art career Runtime: 2:01

Stargazer - A KidsNFilm Workshop Project

Animal TakeOver - A KidsNFilm/Vallejo Teaching Artist Project

Anything Can Happen When You Laugh - A KidsNFim/Vallejo Teaching Artist Project

No Laughing Matter - A KidsNFilm Workshop Project

Stealing, Lok Tai, Ka Lok Yang, Directors - ANI/STOMO (13-17)

“When using other people's things, one must clearly ask. If one doesn't ask, then it is stealing.” This is a story about a little orangutan stealing food, which messed up his father's birthday plan, and the little orangutan also paid the price for this incident, and finally reconciled with his father under the little orangutan's apology.

Runtime: 1:55

Mosquito Fish, Bryn Wright, Director - ANI/STOMO (Under 12)

What are mosquito fish? Are they fish that jump out of the water to eat mosquitos... or mosquitos that can swim? Learn more about these amazing creatures that can help keep our backyard ponds and fountains mosquito free - without harmful pesticides. Runtime: 1:57

The Baby Dinosaur, Dylan Oliver Langendorf, Director - ANI/STOMO (Under 12)

A stop-motion film about the first day of a baby dinosaur's life. Made by an 8-year-old student. Runtime: 1:13

In your heart, Gala Bichir, Director - NARR (Under 12)

A short film written, directed, and performed by an 8-year-old girl tells the story of how two twins help each other overcome the loss of their mother. Runtime: 1:05

Misfortune, Linda Kudzmas, Director - ANI/STOMO (Pro)

Adapted from a Polish folktale, ‘Misfortune’ tells the story of two sisters; Marta the elder, and Zofia the younger. Marta is very rich and lives in luxury. Zofia is very poor because Misfortune lives on her stove. Misfortune plagues Zofia, causing disasters that constantly keep her struggling to survive. When Zofia cleverly rids herself of Misfortune, Marta becomes jealous and risks everything to get Misfortune once again, living on Zofia’s stove. Runtime: 7:01

Liam Butler and His Friends: New Kid On The Block, Rainey Chervako, Director, Liam Edward Butler, Creator - ANI/STOMO (13-17). A young animator is drawn into his animated world and has musical adventures with an imaginative cast of characters across Liamland, and the multiverse. When faced with a challenge, "there's nothing a little imagination can't fix!" Runtime: 7:54

Monster and Spaghetti, Children of FABIDO Familienzentrum Dürener Straße, Directors. - NARR (Under 12) Just another day at the daycare center. Or is everything not so normal after all? On an excursion, the children meet monsters, a fire breaks out on the way and for lunch, they have spaghetti with tomato sauce. The children of the Dürener Straße Family Center tell little stories from their lives, act them out themselves or bring them to life in stop-motion sequences. Runtime: 4:43

Pasuya and Cloud, Ting Yuk Yuen, Director - ANI/STOMO (13-17)

This short animation is about an aboriginal boy and a Clouded Leopard. The boy rescues the Leopard from a trap, and they became the very best of friends. One day, the two were out hunting, and they met the Leopard's mother. After that, the story becomes emotional. The Leopard had to leave the boy because it missed her mother so much. Runtime: 8:49

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Yesteryear, Joshua M Thomas, Director - NARR (Pro)

Danger? Fun! When a pair of geriatric siblings open a new amusement park, parents are scared to death and kids love it. Runtime: 9:54

The Lost Dog, Reese McClure, Director - NARR (Under 12)

A short film about a boy trying to find his lost dog. Runtime: 2:46

The Power of the Stone, Enrico Mondino, Director - NARR (13-17)

The Evil Queen holds the population of a peaceful village in check at the foot of a mountain. A group of boys, under the guidance of their spiritual leader, try to defeat it and restore peace, but the road to follow is longer and more tortuous than expected. Runtime: 28:00

The Truth About Kindergarten, Bissa Burr, Director - NARR (Pro) 

You think kindergarten is all sunshine and rainbows? Think again. This is the story of Big Buddy Alice assigned to 'help' middle-class Marley integrate into a super affluent Marin County private school. These kids? They take the kind out of kindergarten.

Runtime: 6:26

Desa Timun (The Cucumber Village), Daud Nugraha, Director - ANI/STOMO (Pro)

Three little mouse deers living happily in Cucumber Village. When the little brother's one and only ball was pecked flat by a chicken, the two sisters must find a way to bring back their little brother's smile. Desa Timun (Cucumber Village) is the first animation film using "aniwayang" technique: traditional art of shadow puppetry made alive with the magic of modern storytelling and digital animation.

No Time To Explain, Oscar Myles, Director - NARR (13-17) 

Dex clicks a virus pop-up during a YouTube video which leads to a path of destruction until he is given an opportunity to go back in time to choose a different outcome and restore order. Runtime: 9:38

5 Stars, Jack Zheng, Henry Xu, Directors - NARR (13-17)

The ignorant David seems to be in trouble again, he crashed into someone’s limousine on his bike. Can he figure out a way to exonerate himself before the doorbell rings? And is that method really reliable? Runtime: 12:05

Kids On COVID - A KidsNFilm Project

Pandaland: Making IT Count, Martha Davis, Director - DOC (Pro)

PANDALAND:  Making IT Count” is about how children become engaged and learn to grapple with big social issues. The filmmaker accomplishes this by encouraging playful exploration in a multi-media installation of 70+ toy pandas she created in her neighborhood. The vibe of the film is lighthearted and optimistic. As the children initiate an election on behalf of the pandas, their experience embodies community building, demonstrates acts of civic engagement, and conveys the important message that, by working together, even young children can effect change.  The film is a life-affirming tribute to kids’ compassion and the birth of their activism! Runtime: 14:14

Yarr, Saeideh Akhkan, Director - DOC (Pro)

This is the story of a 12-year-old boy, who has been diagnosed with a rare disease, and his dog. Runtime: 4:18

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Scene of the Crime - A KidsNFilm Workshop Project

Monster in a Box, Noah Weisel, Director - NARR (Pro)

He did it for the role. When carnival hucksters pull their act in the wrong town they get help from the most unlikely of performers. Runtime: 9:16

Fedya on the market, Ekaterina Leneva, Director NARR (13-17)

Little Nastya lives with her mom and helps her sell potatoes in the market. One day they meet a mom’s friend, who jokes that she sees the future, and for their potatoes, she will find a groom for her friend. Nastya believes in the wonderful properties of their potatoes. And miracles are not long in coming. Runtime: 8:22

The Questions I Ask Dementia, Basia Mallet, Director - DOC/NARR (13-17)

A man living with dementia takes a reflective yet emotional trip down memory lane. First-time director Basia Mallet discovered her love of film as an actress at 3 months old. Now 15, she quickly became a successful Content Creator, Author, Painter, and multi-talented artistic person. Runtime: 5:48

Precipice, Joshua Sikora, Director - ANI/STOMO (Pro)

With childlike wonder, this animated short takes viewers on a visceral thrill ride over the edge and into the magic of dreams. Created exclusively in Unreal Engine by a single animator, PRECIPICE showcases new potential in digital production with an inspiring tale of courage and joy. Runtime: 3:00

Duet, Mika Orr, Director - NARR (Pro)

Duet is the story of one fateful day in the lives of 8-year-old girls May and Shadmit, who dislike each other but learn that their lives have become oddly intertwined forever. Duet is a multidisciplinary project, that uniquely integrates film and music. The story raises questions about loneliness, regret, subject memory, and fate that tie two children together for a lifetime. Runtime: 21:00

For Me For The World, Chandrasekhar Rath, Director - NARR (Pro) 

Every capable person should adopt a girl and educate her cause if you educate a girl, you educate a nation. Runtime: 9:20

This Culture Is Me, Devine Mattis, Director - DOC (13-17)

"This Culture is Me" is a vibrant and creative youth-made film celebrating the joys of being a Jamaican-Canadian. This dual lens is brilliantly captured in this fun poetry film. Runtime: 2:46

Part of Maya, Federica Cué, Director - ANI/STOMO (Pro)

"When a girl is having trouble finding inspiration on a history project, she gets a little help from her father. Not only does she discover the world of the Maya, but she also finds her connections to the past." Runtime: 4:30

And suddenly it’s evening, Giulia Brazzale, Director - NARR (Pro)

This short film is a metaphor of life. It takes place in a single day that symbolizes the span of time of an entire human life with its trials, its joys, its pains. Until almost without warning, the evening arrives, the sun sets and life ends. Runtime 13:13

Shhh! Virginie Kahn, Director - NARR (Pro)

Between fairy tales and children's comedy, Shhh! is freely adapted from a live performance. In the 1920s, an inhibited young boy and a girl discover a marvelous book in which live three tiny beings – living letters – that only they can see and hear. Runtime: 9:22

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Directord - Curt Fortin and 

Amy and the Tortoise

How Animals Saved The Planet

Featured Short Favorite


Curt Fortin was born on the 27th of September in 1978 on the sunny island of Aruba. He was 5 years old when he moved with his mother and sister to the Netherlands. At a very young age, Curt knew what he wanted to do with his life. Acting, directing and writing stories.

Curt wrote and directed his first short movie in 1999 called “Little Man” which was aired on Dutch television.

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Said Abitar is a scenographer and illustrator who studied and graduated at La Cambre Brussels. He also worked there as an intern atelier assistant and teacher as well as at Saint Luc Brussels.
Drawn to performing arts and cinema at first, his work as a designer rose to the next level along with his partnership with the multimedia company Tales of us, on their project Congo Tales.
A travers ce projet, il a développé sa pratique du dessin, non plus come un outils de transmission mais comme une partie active du projet artistique auquels il participe. Throught this project, he developed his practice of drawing, no longer as a transmision tool but as an active part of the artistic project in which he participates.

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Featuring Highlight Screening of
"Akesia and the secrets of the Rain Forest"

Part I of the trilogy "Akesi and the Congo River", "Akesi and the secrets of the forest" introduces Akesi in his hometown of Brazzaville. Trying to make sense of his brother’s death, Akesi is led to the river, where a mystical journey unfolds. Seeing how the tribes celebrate those they’ve lost allows Akesi to make peace with his grief and enter a new state of understanding the cultures that surround him.


With Special Guest Performance By

12-Year-Old Youth Activist & Owner of

Myla J's Handmade Jewelry

Myla J was born in Sacramento, CA. A community activist, motivational speaker, and aspiring actress and model. One of her significant accomplishments was speaking at the Democratic State Convention in June 2019 at the Moscone center for the African American Caucus. As a history lover, her impersonation of her favorite historical influential person is Harriet Tubman. She is the model for the statue "Genius Girl," which exhibits in various locations, targeted to become a permanent installation in Vallejo in the future. Her goal is to become the President of the United States in 2044.



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