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Official Selections & Screening Schedule - Saturday, November, 16, 2019

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Myla J.

Ten years old, she is a community activist, motivational speaker, and aspiring actress and model. One of her major accomplishments was having the opportunity to speak at the Democratic State Convention, June 2019 at the Moscone Center for the African American Caucus. 

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Featuring Highlight Screening of


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Director - Jeannie Donoho, GAME


Jeannie Donohoe is an award-winning filmmaker based in New York and Los Angeles. She has written and directed several short films, including GAME (screening in over 200 festivals and recipient of 65+ awards internationally, including two Oscar-qualifying awards at Raindance and NYICFF, Cannes Bronze Lion, Vimeo Staff Pick), Lambing Season (selected for over 50 film festivals; Aspen Shortsfest winner, named one of the “Best Short Films of 2014” by Indiewire; currently airing on PBS Film School Shorts) and Public (Palm Springs ShortFest, PBS Imagemakers). Jeannie was selected from over 4,600 applicants to write and direct GAME through the Lexus Short Films program. Jeannie earned her MFA with honors in Directing from Columbia University. She attended Dartmouth College as an undergraduate, and also earned an MS in Education while teaching middle school in the Bronx through the Teach for America program. Jeannie is currently developing her first feature-length film.

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Doors Open 10:30 AM

Screening 1 - 11:00 AM - 12:45 PM

A Little Help by Shannon Drury, Director, Runtime 4:09

A young girl’s doll becomes her imaginary friend until the day she is able to make real ones.

(Under 12)


Viktoria by Fabio Albanese, Supervising Director, Runtime 5:20

Viktoria is a shy 10 years old girl who arrived in Italy. She doesn't speak Italian. She would like to make friends with new classmates, but little girls make fun of her, make jokes and put her photos on a social network. Based on a short tale made by pupils of a 5th grade class of the Primary School of Collegio Vescovile Pio X in Treviso (Italy) about bullying and cyberbullying. (Classroom Project, Under 12)

Squirrel Hacker by Felix Hass, Director, Runtime 1:01

A squirrel sits in his big swivel chair observing many bird feeders on screens in his secret lair. Then he launches an attack on a feeder. His drones collect the booty and deliver it to him. (Under 12)

A Pain In The Butt by Max, Monologue, Runtime 0:32:12

(Under 12)


From Winter to Springtime by Dino Agate, Director, Runtime 3:13

A series of little scenes showing changes in nature along with the Winter and Springtime transition. (Under 12)


When I Find You by Vincy Wang, Director, Runtime 4:45

A toy car and a puppet grew up with a girl together. Nowadays, she doesn't play with them anymore because she is addicted to playing video games too much. The toy car and the puppet feel so sad about it so they run away from home. (Professional)


Bearabbit Beibei by Rose (Rong) Luo, Director  Runtime 7:00

5-year-old girl Beibei's daily life adventures together with her 4-year-old brother Taotao. They live with their parents in Jasmine village. Part of a series of episodes, Rose has completed 12 episodes of the 39 she is aiming for. (Professional)


Hungry Dinosaur by April Yu, Director, Runtime 1:22

A story about a dinosaur family that loves each other.  (Under 12, Age 6)

My Grandpa Farts by John, Monologue, Runtime 0:40:11 (13-17)


Short Sleeves by Amelia Ayris, Director, Runtime 7:44

Sophie's once perfect family is rocked by the loss of her mother. She shuts out those closest to her and experiments with self-harm. Love and Unconditional Love step in to help Sophie find her joy again. Written and Produced by 12yo Amelia Ayris who also starred as Sophie. (under 12)

Bosa by Altana Serrallet, Director, Runtime 13:05

When Lucas finds out that Driss, his best friend, has been sent back to Morocco with his uncle, decides to start a crazy adventure and go to look for him in a forbidden trip to the other side of the strait in the opposite direction that the illegal trip it is done. In Morocco, he’ll meet Ibrahim, a Subsaharan that is waiting for an opportunity to cross the fence in the Spanish/Moroccan border, and another close friendship will be born between them. (professional)


The Turtles Swim! by Genna Lee, Director, Runtime 1:07

A scuba diver joins the turtles' swim and discovers the sunken treasure! (under 12)

Star Gazer by Reagan, Monologue, Runtime 0:27:11 (13-17)


Social by Charlotte McLaverty, Director, Runtime 4:46

A teenager is missing out on life because she is always on her phone. She is constantly distracted by her phone is not aware of life going on around her and ends up paying the ultimate price. (13-17)


Team Meow/Lily by Diana Lee Woody, Director, Runtime 2:47

Lily is a fiercely dedicated cathlete who made her Olympic debut in the 2018 Pyeongmeow Olympics, competing in the Feather Jump Competition for Team MeowSA. This short documentary traces Lily’s journey from rescue kitten with her new sibling Kevin to her dreams of Olympic gold. Her Feather Jump is not to be missed! So curl up in a cozy chair, get a saucer of your favorite milk, and hold onto your whiskers.


Priorities by Laura Barley-Tayler, Director, Runtime 7:13

A mother's priorities cause issues for her daughter. (under 12)


Fortissimo by Lilith Jorg, Director, Runtime 2:28

On the concert stage, you always can join great sounds and incredible musicians. But sometimes the sounds next to the stage are turning into the focus of attention. The cellist tries to start with his performance, but there are a number of surprises.

(under 12)


Happy Ever After by Eden Quine-Taylor, Director, Runtime 5:18

What happens to you when you die is unknown, and I wanted to create a film that had no specific religious beliefs tied to it. I believe that every child deserves a Happy Ever After when they leave this world. (13-17)


Mindfulness is Elementary by Geoffrey Chandler, Director, Runtime 6:27

How do teachers and students react to learning meditation techniques in this elementary school? (Professional)


IT Support by Eli Rauchberger, Director, Runtime 4:56

A group of kids form a support group for people with technology addiction.

(under 12)


A Home For Curiosities by Ben Tobin, Director, Runtime 16:43

A young boy discovers a house full of forgotten imaginary friends. Along with his friend Alice, Wallace helps bring these curiosities back to the real world to meet new human companions. (Professional)

12:45 PM - Filmmaker Q&A 

1:00 PM -1:30 PM - Break

1:30 PM - IMPROV w/Jennifer Sundberg

1:50 PM - Myla J.

Screening 2 - 2:00 PM - 3:45 PM

A Day In The Life of a Pig by Hannah Collins, Runtime 1:29

This pig has a regular 9 to 5 job! (13-17)


Comfortable Position, DRF Children Animation Studio, Director, Runtime 4:12

When a person falls asleep, he immersed in another reality, where anything can happen to him. He can fly above the ground in red slippers. Or he can be eaten by a green bear. Or he can see the blue house falling. And when a person wakes up, he can probably remember nothing. As if he did not exist all this time ... What do you feel when you are asleep? (under 12) 


Work by Eli Rauchberger, Director, Runtime 4:50

Three young people share their experience in their jobs and how they prepare for work. (under 12)

You're Too Young by Ivan, Monologue, Runtime 0:42:06

(under 12)


Big Bully by Dani Hilzenrath, Illiana Marabal, Keenan Buckley,

Tai Dionne Hodge, Directors, Runtime 9:02

Phil and Damin come to the Kevin and the gang after being beaten up by Big Bully Dan. Everyone is shocked by their awful bruises, but are not brave enough to want to stop Big Bully, especially when they remember what he did to Sally, Jessica, and the Ladybug Girls. (13-17)


Try Your Best by Fugleflick Filmmakers, Director, Runtime 4:50

Fifth Grade Fugleflick Filmmakers spent 2 months creating a story to an original song to inspire everyone to shift their thinking from can't to can. They wanted to show a fixed mindset changing to a growth mindset with the encouragement of positive little voices to combat the negative little voices you hear in your own head. Many students need this message so the filmmakers tried to get in their shoes (and heads) to help others Try their Best. (under 12)


The Listies Work for Peanuts by Natalie van den Dungen, Dir. Runtime 6:43

THE LISTIES are odd couple housemates who love to have adventures. Just staying alive can be a fun challenge for them, literally. Recently, Matt was worried he was dying. He thought his bum was broken - there was a crackdown the middle. In every episode of THE LISTIES WORK FOR PEANUTS, Matt and Rich have to get a job to pay their rent to their eight-year-old landlord, Abernathy Peanuts – and if they don’t... they’ll be out on their BEEPs! (Professional)


Gabrielle by Nicola Rose, Director, Runtime 13:30

When 13-year-old Gabrielle signs up for ballet, she encounters bullying from her teacher — and friendship in an unexpected place. A story about friendship, overcoming bullies, body image, and knowing your worth. (Professional)


Little Rainbow Boy by Tema Summerfield, Director, Runtime 4:11

A young boy explores his interest in makeup in the privacy of his room. But he struggles to find the bravery to let his mother see who he really is. (13-17)  


Love Never Forgets by Fred Grant, Director, Runtime 13:50

James loves spending time with his Nana, but recently he has noticed something wrong with her. She always seems to be forgetting things and often mixes up names when telling stories. Love Never Forgets tells the story of a family’s affliction with Alzheimer’s Disease seen from the unique perspective of a five-year-old child. (Professional)


Life Cycle by Lenore Ramsay-Morin, Director, Runtime 25

A short stop motion animation of an imagined life cycle. (under 12)

Another Minute by Carleigh Johnston, Monologue, Runtime 1:18

(under 12)

Dart Vader’s Orchestra by Ryan Cooper, Director, Runtime 2:20

Lego Darth Vader plays classical music with his one-man orchestra.


Kick Scooter by Yiannia Petsas, Kostas Petsas, Director, Runtime 1:42

A spot for a school assignment with the subject: "Television".

7th Grade, Papagou School, Athens, Greece. (under 12)


Hady by Riccardo Di Gerlando, Runtime 12:48

Hady is a child from Senegal who has just arrived in Italy for a little over a year. Despite his mother's recommendations about his new country, there seems to be a strong desire to return home. (Professional)


Odd Dog by Keika Lee, Director, Runtime 4:30

The animated story of a young boy who longs for a pet store puppy but his mother says no. He later ends up with a cat but finds a way to transform it into puppy love too. (Professional)


The Journey of the Float by Yung-Lin Chen, Director, Runtime 5:30

In this film, we designed an Ei-Ga (the story float), and used the roles of a traditional story: Journey to the West to depict a river filled with human-made garbage and that therefore the Ei-Ga were unable to move forward. In the end, with the cooperation of all the people, we cleaned up the garbage at the bottom of the stream, so that the celebration parade could continue. With this show, the people in the town learned and understood that they should not litter or pollute the environment, and they should lead a clean and tidy life. (under 12)


Six Home by Ebad Adipour, Director, Runtime 3:45

Many girls are playing and ...  I am the child of my war. It's always a concern for children who unconsciously come into play with older adults who are incompletely enlarged. This pain has always been with me. These children are going to follow their path to the world they like but can they choose the route? Do our children know or can they make their own path? (Professional)


Universal Declaration of Human Rights by KidsNFilm, Director, Runtime 7:46

The students at Vallejo Charter School in California, Ms. Holbert's 5th-grade class seem to get it. They share their understanding of the articles of the Declaration on Human Rights. This is their reminder of what the U.S. and other countries seem to be forgetting. It is their powerful revoicing of the importance of these articles to the U.S. and to the world. (Under 12)


3:45 PM - Filmmaker Q&A 

4:00 PM -4:30 PM - Break

4:30 PM - Guest

Screening 3 - 4:45 PM - 6:30 PM

Double Vida by Rachel St. Pierre, Director, Runtime 2:00

Two countries, one teen and her journey discovering that home, does not need to be a place. (13-17)


I Am Zal by Hooman Naderi, Director, Runtime 13:32

Daniel is a child with Albinism who’s supposed to play the role of the mythical Zal at school. In an attempt to prevent him from taking on the role, his mother beats him as always and tells him a false version of the Zal and Simorq story. (Professional)

Rocket Boy by Simon Sorted, Director, Runtime 5:17

As we reach the 50th anniversary of the first people traveling to the moon, 'Rocket Boy' is the account of a man who witnessed, first hand, the launch of that rocket. He recalls the awe-inspiring event, the story is told through the eyes of a young boy, whose power of imagination makes the impossible become real. (Professional)


Code Green by Cynthia M. Uhrich, Director, Runtime 17:58

BASED ON A TRUE STORY: Shelby is a teenager with a terrible secret; one that is damaging her health. After collapsing at home--she can no longer hide—and is forced to do battle with her own monster. (Professional)


Balance by Raymond Limantara Sutisna, Director, Runtime 3:38

A boy and girl fight for painting space, both refusing to give in until the mess they create, goes out of control. (Professional)

Saoli by Kumar Kuldip Medhi, Director, Runtime 6:09

"Skin color cannot define a person's mind but a mind defines whether it is good, bad, or ugly." Saoli, the little girl feels the pain of being born with dark skin and the mindset of people prevailing in the society that dark-skinned people are meant for inferior works. (Professional)


Harass by Hin Shing Lam, Chun Wai Lui, Sui San Lo, Ka Kei Chen,

Pak Leung Lau, Ming Hang Leung, Ka Chun Chan, Directors, Runtime 1:42

The male leading character (the tall man) is going to sleep, but the neighbor who lives on upstairs (the fat lady) is going to do exercise. She turns on the music and starts dancing loudly. The tall man wakes up angrily and goes upstairs to talk about the problem. Finally, the fat lady finally knows how to respect others.



The Professional Maxwell Wellmax by Tony Alfaro, Director, Runtime 4:03

During a routine stakeout, Maxwell Wellmax is interrupted and informed that his detective license needs renewing immediately. Is Maxwell too old to keep up with what the job requires, or will he handle the exam like a Professional? (Professional)


Chocolate Chip Cookies by Tianzhao Zhang, Director, Runtime 13:00

To complete the entry test of the Bravery club, a friendless young boy Charlie puts laxatives into chocolate chip cookies and delivers it to the creepy old man Jack living next door, but eventually finds friendship with him. (Professional)


10 KA 4 by Rahul Yadav, Director, Runtime 9:48

The Short Film ‘10 Ka 4” revolves around the character of a 7year old girl who is trying to make a living for her family by selling stationary outside a high class English medium school. The movie is also trying to show the two different strata’s in society, and how one of them is very vigorously fighting to reach where the others are. The film also sheds light on child labor & the right to education which is very prominent in today’s society. (Professional)


The Incomplete by Erfan Parsapour, Director, Runtime 7:00

An animated short about a hungry Otter who is obsessed with perfection. His desire to live in a perfect world may cost him the chance for happiness in the real world. (Professional)

I've Just Had A Dream by Javi Navarro, Director, Runtime 7:25

Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream. (Professional)


Special Highlight Screening

Game by Jeannie Donohoe, Director, Runtime 15:00

A new kid shows up at the high school boys' basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team once they discover a secret? (Professional)



Winners Remarks

Closing Remarks



Register ONline To Reserve Your Space For This Free Event! Limited Seating

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International KidsNFilm Festival Masters of Ceremonies.

Asha Newman


Diego Argueta

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Jennifer Sundberg

Is the Creative Director of Bay Area Creative Kids, which offers theater and Improv programs for children ages 3-15. She has worked as a professional actor and director throughout the United States

Makenzie-468 (1).jpg



Come meet child star Makenzie Lee-Foster who starred as Young Deja andrews, the rebellious Pearson foster child, in the Emmy-award winning drama, THIS IS US. Along with her appearance in Dee Rees' short film THE BOS for the 90th Academy Awards.  Read her full biol

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