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SATURDAY - NOV. 14TH - 1:00 PM

My Hero Is You – Director, Chaz Bottoms; Professional/Best Animated/Stop Motion

An animated adaptation of the WHO children’s story, meant to help children cope and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. 6:15


VooDoo – Director, Audrey Linh Thacker; Narrative, Ages 13-17

A greedy boy refuses to share his Cafe du Monde beignets with his sister and suffers the consequences in Voodoo City. 2:05


Leading With Love – Directed by Morgan Spencer, Narrative Short, Under 12.      With this Covid-19 time, I wanted to create a documentary to show how local and international people lead with love. 3:01


How We Destroyed Everything – Directed by Mak Rizvanović, Sunčica Škornjak, more. Animation/Stop Motion -12 & Under. 1:11


Open The Door – Director, Cindy Aster Zhaoxuan Hu, Stuck at Home. Age  17. Something is at her bedroom door; the girl must prepare to fight for her life. 4:10


Better Than Neil Armstrong – Director, Alireza Ghasemi, Professional/Featured Short. Four kids start their journey to the moon with the mission of finding a mysterious place called The Redland, but a mischievous snake is guarding the gates of Redland. 20:00

Invader – Directors, Sui San Lo, Chun Wai Liu, Ka Kei Chen, Animation/Stop Motion (13-17) - Once upon a time, a village was covered by the white mountains after a stranger guest and made the surroundings dirty and wither. 1:34


Monster In The Underground Pipeline – Directors, Fu-Chin Lin, 12 years old, Bo-Lin Huang, 13 years old, Ping-Cheng Hou, 12 years old, Hsin-Yu Lin, 13 years old
Bo-Kai Lian, 12 years old. - A monster wanders into an amusement park. The magician discovers that the monster’s fart can be used for a floating balloon, so he hides the monster in the underground pipeline and exploits it for making balloons. However, the monster is getting bigger and bigger, and the pipeline can no longer hold it. 9:29


Mini Meets Books – Director, Yih-Fen Chou, Professional/Animation/Stop Motion.

Warmly presents how Mimi meets and falls in love with books. 6:15

The Asphalt Playground – Director, Peter VanOosting, Professional/Feature Short

An elementary school playground is no place for fun and games. - Jake and Kat used to be the top candy sellers on the playground, but now, rivals and creditors are closing in. When their money comes up missing, they begin to question everything—even their loyalty to each other. 15:43


Imagine – Director, Laura Leigh, Professional/Stuck at Home

Lonely in isolation, a young girl finds a friend and hope. Shot in Barrie, Ontario, on an iPhone 11 with my Niece and family as support. 2:45

Rainbow – Director, Mohammad Khalili, Professional/Narrative

The little flower salesman does something wrong for his client, but regrets his behavior and tries to make up for his mistake. 11:04


Saturday, Nov. 14th -4:00 PM

Lucky – Director, Alexis Wong, Professional/Animation/Stop Motion

When MingMing feels insecure about moving into a new neighborhood, she finds a friend in a huge but playful Chinese Lion. 6:38


The Super Bros. (Episode 1)  Director, Rocky McKoy, Professional/Stuck at Home. The Super Brothers Sonic and Mr. Unknown must retrieve the orb from the Evil King Tiger and return it to the queen. 1:57


No Offense – Director Dimitris Andjus, Kalliopi Villy Kotoula. Professional/Narrative. Bullying can happen to anyone at any age, in any walk of life. It is, unfortunately, very common, so please do not feel that you are alone. 3:06

The Dogs Story Part II – Director, Arkhip Varfolomeev/Animation/Stop Motion - Whatever happens is for the better! A chain of random events leads to the most unusual circumstances. (13 yrs). 6:30

Spaghetti Monster – Director, Joshua M. Thomas, Professional/Featured Short. Trespassing can be deadly. 12:56


I Remember You – Director, Paulo de la Brena Rodríguez, Documentary. (13-17).  An introspection to my most valuable memories through a journey featuring family videos, to find the lost memory of my great-grandfather. 6:49

Pencil – Directors, Chun Pong Yu, Weng I Lau, Kam Hung Lee. Animation/Stop Motion (13-17).  This animation is going to talk about there was a class of pencils to draw the paintings, and suddenly rubbed the rubber into the classroom, and the pencil saw the rubbing glue and tied it to the smile channel. Rubbing the rubber paintings of the paintings, the paintings are all rubbed, and the pencils are tied to the smile channel. Suddenly rubbing the rubber think of some methods. Finally, the pencil and eraser became a friend. 2:03

Retirement - Director, Joshua M. Thomas. Featured Short, Professional. 

What happened to Delilah McDonald? 15:36

Lapis De Lumine – Director, Kalee DeHamer, Animation/Stop Motion (Under 12) A young herbalist sets out on her own to take up the family business with the help of a magical family heirloom. When the necklace is stolen, she gives chase, but what she finds at the end of her pursuit is not what she expected; is she prepared to handle it? 7:40


The McGuffin – Director Avery Christmas, Professional/Featured Short.

The world’s most powerful superheroes go in search of the ultimate prize. 13:13


The Box – Director - Toko Ryu, Animation/Stop Motion (Under 12)

The Box is a short story about a girl running down the street when she sees a small gray box. She decides to pick it up, takes it home and opens it, then…

Go Go Mask Girl – Producer, Shu-Man, Chang (Monster Change – Anima/ Animation Group. (12 & Under)

Adults are used to hiding themselves behind different masks when facing different people. They pretend to be nice to the people they don’t like; they set different standards for themselves and others; they treat children from other families better. What will happen if kids put on their parent’s masks? Is it necessary for everyone to live with masks? 10:00


I am George – Director - Lovro Hostić, Ivona Štefica Mihanović, Narrative (13-17). George is a boy who is different from the others. While he enjoys expressing his individuality, he finds himself forced to conform. His usual colorfulness is replaced with shades of black. Will he break free from the norm, or will he remain an average citizen? What does it mean, anyway, to be different, and how is it expressed and experienced? 3:27


Alienated – Director, Nicole Yoshinaga, Professional/Best Animation/Stop Motion. An animated film about an alien who’s different learns how to utilize and accept his differences. 4:30


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Sunday, Nov. 15th - 1:00 PM

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Director - Chiara Centioni

Sansone - Best Narrative Feature Short


Chiara Centioni, born and raised in the Castelli Romani, at eighteen, she moved to Milan, where she graduated in Architecture and Restoration from the Polytechnic and discovered, by chance, the passion for the world of cinema and theater.

More About The Film - Click Here


Tobi and the Turbobus – Director, Verema Fels, Co-Director Marc Angele. Professional/Animation/Stop-Motion. - You fly with no seat! That’s the rule in the Turbobus. To get one is a hard day job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship.  7:30

Miracle Journey of Xi Liang Liang – Director, Rock Salt Shi-En Chen, 12 years old, Pei-Chi Kao, 12 years old, Wei-Sheng Tang, 12 years old. Candy [R.S.C.] production Team (21 & Under)

A beach scattered with marine litter is the favorite playground for some baby sea turtles. A sea turtle named Liang-Liang got caught by a bird. To rescue his best friend, Xi-Liang-Liang rushes to the deep sea. Does Xi-Liang-Liang know that he’s about to embark on an adventure to an extremely dangerous world? Can Liang-Liang safely get back to his best friend? 10:00


Kickabout – Director, Nigel Bunyan, Professional/Stuck at Home.10-year-old.

Jan is home and missing his school friends during the lockdown. Tired of playing football by himself, he longs to see his best friend again. 3:15


The Iga – Director, Jan Jesenković – Animation/Stop Motion (13-17)

A boy is playing a computer game. The game is playing with a boy. That’s not just a game. That’s ‘The Igra’ (The Game). 3:24


Fix My Bike – Director, Rocky McKoy, Professional/Narrative.

Some things go without saying. 1:00

Atari –  Farhad Fadakar, Director, Professional/Featured Short. 

The story is about a teenage boy that his father promised him an Atari... 15:00


Kung Fu Express – Director, Cheng Guo, Animation/Stop Motion. (13-17)

Two delivery men delivered their afternoon’s order to the customers. Both people believe the final winner will be themselves. Although the daily deliveries statistic shows equal credit for each man, there will be only one winner who can stand at the last. Thus, new chaos was fired by the last order that waiting to be delivered. 3:32

Lost On Barduino – Director, Asali Echols -  Professional/Featured Short. 

They had to get lost in space to find what really matters. 13:19

Roger The Cat - Director, Audrey Guerrero - Animation/Stop Motion (Under 12)

When a mysterious cat appears, Roger learns to believe in himself. 2:17


B.F.F. Best Friends Forever – Director, Fabio Albanese. Narrative (Under 12)

During classwork, a young girl tells a story about friendship to her diary... A short film, written and acted by pupils of the 5th grade of Primary School “Collegio Vescovile Pio X” of Treviso (Italy). 7:00


Slotter Room – Director/Instructor, Joshua M. Thomas, Thomas Farm Films. They thought it was abandoned. They were wrong. 12:20

Left Behind – Director, Maggie Ding. Documentary (13-17)

Left Behind is a seven-minute documentary about a nine-year-old left-behind child from a rural village in China who badly needs love from her divorced parents. The left-behind children in China are left behind in rural areas by their parents who leave to work in urban areas. According to the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, as of August 2018, there were 6.97 million left-behind children in rural China. Many of these children face developmental and emotional challenges because of the lack of parental care. The film explores the lives of the left-behind children through a village girl’s eyes from the Guizhou Province of China. 7:25


Hermione – Director, Bella Merlino, Narrative (13-17). Inspired by William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” this is the story of Hermione who lives alone and slowly turns to stone. As she distances herself from the memories of her family and society until events change her. 15 yrs. 4:44

Grandpa Past and Present – Director Ting-Yuk Yuen, Animation/Stop Motion (12 & Under). How Grandpa is different from what I knew? It turned out that Grandpa was so exacting before. Mon told me when she was little; Grandpa was very strict with them. But in my mind, Grandpa is just like a magician. Whatever I want, Grandpa will make it magically appear. Mon says although Grandpa behaves differently, his love for us would be the same. And I think, Maybe it’s because Grandpa started to learn magic after he got old, haha, lucky me.  6:40


Fear Thy Forest – Director, Eddie DeBartolo Featured Short (15-yrs). 

A teenage boy stumbles upon artifacts within the eerie forest surrounding his house after moving into a new neighborhood. Upon his curious discoveries from out of the forest, a creature emerges. The teenage boy soon discovers the many encroaching fears in the forest just outside his front door. Produced and directed in Cartersville, Georgia, USA.  12:23


Sunday, Nov. 15th - 4:00 PM

(Some films in this session contain sensitive topics)

Wednesday – Directors - Lisa Delhom, Jérémy Paquet. Professional/Narrative.

Iris and Leo are waiting for their school bus, just like any other day. This morning, however, it does not arrive. Facing no rules but their own, the two eight-year-olds embark on an urban adventure, one they shall never forget, roaming the streets of Montreal. 10:00

Running from Death – Director Hunter Tabor, Aden Pierce. Narrative (13-17)  Two Jewish twins, living in Poland during the Holocaust, are on the run to escape capture. 5:07


The Other Side of the Line - Directors Mia Thomas, Will Thomas. Narrative (13-17). An allegory about racism and prejudice told through the lens of a children’s fairy tale. Based on a short story, The Other Side of the Line was adapted for the screen, shot, and edited by kids ages 8-17 at Lakewood Young Filmmakers Academy. It tells the tale of two neighboring towns separated by a blue line that no one ever dares to cross. Until the children of the feuding towns change all of that forever. 9:00

Girlsboysmix, Director – Lara Aerts, Professional/Documentary.

Girlsboysmix is the first documentary ever made from the perspective of an intersex child. It relates the story of Wen Long (9). At birth, it was not clear whether she was a girl or a boy. Many such children are operated on at a very young age to ‘make’ them a boy or a girl. Wen Long did not undergo such surgery. Her parents felt their child had to decide what sex she wants to be. Wen Long is happy that she can choose. Nevertheless, it is not easy. Being intersex in a binary world, Wen Long wonders: where do I belong? 6:30


The Butler and the Ball – Director Andrew Chan-Possemato, Narrative (Under 12). An urban fairy tale about a lonely boy who enters a contest to become the new butler of a grieving, reclusive singer. The first film by eight-year-old writer/director Andrew Chan-Possemato. 10:00


Homeschool – Director, Celia Jaspers, Professional/Stuck at Home.

A bored little girl in lockdown during the Covid crisis realizes her backyard and farm can be more fun than she thought if she uses her imagination. 3:00


Biff and Me – Director, Nicola Rose. Professional/Featured Short.

Charlotte, 14, is a genius — hotheaded, nerdy, and brilliant. But what she secretly wants, deep down, is to be a beauty queen.

Biff, 14, is the school bully — big, burly, and (seemingly) brainless. But what he secretly wants, deep down, is to be a beauty queen. A comedy about growing up, being who you are, the power of friendship, and burping. 14:15


VOICE (Santa Ana Stands For George Floyd) Director, Maggie Ding. Documentary (13-17) This is a short documentary about Santa Ana Stands for George Floyd protest. 2:25


I Need You – Director, Kythera Lyceum Ciema Club. Best Narrative (13-17)

Iro is a girl who’s growing up... 17:00


The Swimsuit Season – Director Antonino Valvo, Professional/Narrative.

Ayman, an overweight boy, is determined to face his insecurities by spending a day in a public pool. But the “swimsuit proof” will be full of little obstacles that will put the boy in trouble. 5:15

Sansone – Director, Chiara Centioni, Professional/Best Narrative Short.

Christian, eight years old, because of his very long blond hair, is bullied by friends and scolded by his mother, Paola, unaware that the son’s gesture does not conceal a whim but a heroic act. In fact, Christian was shocked after seeing his friend Luna lose long brown hair due to an illness, so he decided to donate her. So Luna, wearing the blonde wig made with Christian’s hair, smiles again. 13:00

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